Property Management in Piedmont, Italy

A comfortable feeling to know that everything can be taken care off.

You are new in Piedmont?

We where new here as well. We learned over time knowing what we know today. You can benefit from this.

We know the region and how it works. Not only we can tell you what the best places are but moreover and more important we know what is and what is not possible. This makes us able to make the impossible possible.

An expression of our services, serving you:
» Project Management - from design up to restorations
» What to consider in the Italian tax system?
» Applying for a resideny permission or carta d’indentita
» Support on translations
» What to consider when buying, renovating or building a house
» Adminstrative services (financial review of your activties, advisory services for financing opportunities and any other services in which you are not a specialised)

Or do you just need some good handsmen-services? Yes, we know trustworthy partners, constructors, architects, geometra’s, electricians. Honesty, is primary in our concept.

You decide what you like and need, that’s life. We offer a trustworthy bases for our partnership.

You are having a holiday location in Piedmont?

The courage of running a holiday location in a layed back environment is worth a great compliment. It needs an attitude of belief and trust in the strength of the region. You may define yourself as an explorer.

Now it becomes of utmost importance that you have arranged the set up of your entrepreneurial activities property to safeguard the proposition of your investment.

Bring your business to the next level with our strengths of services in the field of property and project management cobmined with trackable operational experience.

Hosting your guests, making them feel at home, arranging that your property is in best shape. Who knows better than you what this means.

Do you need help on this or would you like our advice? Let us talk to explore the various opportunities in which we can help you.

Our experience is two foulded. 5 years of tourism experience and hosting of guests supported with a brought bases of entrepreneurial senior management roles.

What counts for us? „The realistic and practical approach combined with a high valuation of being able to live in this region.“

You are a property owner living abroad?

Over years you have built your house and garden to let it become the place to be. Every time you arrive, you are overwhelmed with the beauty of it. At the same time, you are faced with numerous tasks to take care off. You handle these as you love the place.

Reality is that when you are finished, you can start again or you are about to leave.

Do you like to change this? Create more enjoyment and relaxing moments for yourself?

Let us talk.

An expression of services we deliver for our current customer base:
» Host for your Family, friends and guests
» Key storage
» Deliveries- and Post Service
» Cleaning and preparing your house and garden upon welcoming
» General quality inspections
» Gardening and Pool Service
» Maintenance

„You have our commitment that we treat your family, friends and guests as would they be ours.“